Table of Contents


A Trophy Worth Winning - an article about protecting dolphins and the oceans from pollution

About Rob Caughlan

Carter White House and Rob Caughlan

Future in the Cradle - a documentary about overpopulation

Media and Rob Caughlan

Outstanding Citizen Award for Rob Caughlan

Pete McCloskey: Leading from the Front - a documentary narrated by Academy Award winner Paul Newman

Politics and Rob Caughlan

Roanoke Company, The

Roanoke Company and Motorcycle Safety

Sam Ervin Fan Club - at the time, Sam Ervin was the chair of the Senate Watergate Committee

Solar Energy - The Great Adventure - a documentary starring Eddie Albert

Speaker Information Page - make Rob Caughlan a speaker at your event

Surfers in Danger of Becoming the Beachless Boys - an article about how damming rivers causes beach erosion

Surfrider Foundation and Rob Caughlan

Too Many Surfers - an article about overpopulation

Voice of the Planet - a ten-hour mini-series starring William Shatner and Faye Dunaway

William Shatner and Rob Caughlan

– portrait photograph of Rob Caughlan was done by Andy Freeberg –