Rob Caughlan

Environmentalist | Politcal Pro | Surfer

People Magazine wrote “Righteous, Dude” in praise for his work in saving the ocean.

Vanity Fair called him a “Golden State Eco-Warrior.”

When he was called "president" of the Surfrider Foundation, membership grew from 200 to 25,000.

Rob Caughlan on suspension cableThey asked Rob Caughlan if he wanted to go up on the suspension cable of the Willie L. Brown Jr. Bridge and he said yes. Why are you surprised?

Rob Caughlan has built a career championing environmental protection with political action. His passion as an environmental activist comes from his love of the ocean. His work in government and his experience as a campaign professional have given political savvy to the sometimes politically unsophisticated environmental movement. Caughlan has also written and produced a number of television documentaries about important environmental issues.

When Rob Caughlan speaks his topics are based on his own personal efforts involving historically important and newsworthy events.

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Rob's speaking topics include:

• Making A Difference
• History of the American
  Environmental Movement
• Ocean Protection